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Grow sales with property intelligence and customer data

Connect prospective clients with your real estate listings in a more personalized way to transform how customers and agents interact and grow your business.

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Live chat and VoIP

Know your customer. Even before the first call

Live chat is a fast, easy way to communicate with customers. You can easily place it on your website by entering the HTML code we provide. Ada will complete the customer profiles with the most important information herself so that the sales department can start immediately.

The best part? It’s not just for your website. Our chatbots can talk with your customers in case of missed phone calls, as well as incoming e-mails and text messages. Both during and after your work hours. Weekends, too. Customize it just the way you want and tell Ada when to work for you and when to stay silent.

Valuations & property intelligence

Help you clients make smarter real estate decisions

Accelerate your business with our valuations add-on. Add it to your website to capture customer attention with unique market insights about your properties. And you can leverage our data to make the right investments yourself, too.

Piotr Zagórski, Nexity

Piotr Zagórski, Nexity

Thanks to Ada, we show our clients what profitability they can count on with us, and we think that this will shorten the purchasing decision-making process. Our sellers and the marketing team got a tool to better present our investment. As always in our industry - it all comes down to increased sales intensity and differentiation from the competition.

Explore use cases

If you’re in the real estate business, then Ada was designed to help your team. Here’s how.

Real estate agents

List your apartments, automate phone calls and customer support, as well as get a modern CRM, calendar, and property valuation software in one app.

Real estate developers

Use real-time market analytics to get the most out of your current and future investments and maximize revenue by helping your marketing and sales.

Company board

Think of Ada like a consulting team for the residential market. Get comprehensive reports to aid your decision-making and drop the middle-man.


We’ve built the first free modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience seamless.


Use real-time market insights to endorse recommendations to clients and uncover new lead-generation opportunities with over 150 metrics.

Explore our products

Set it. Forget it. We’ve put multiple products in our platform so that you don’t have to configure your account every time you want to try anything new.


Advanced property analysis software powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


A VoIP service automating first-touch contact with prospective clients thanks to virtual phone numbers.


A real estate analytics service. Analyze demand, supply, locations, and trends over time.

Build your own bundle

When you don’t want to use a feature, you don’t have to pay for it and eat the cost.
You can always leave it out of your bundle.

Tailored to the real estate industry

Ada is easy to use because we create solutions with the real estate industry in mind. From identifying opportunities and managing risk to contacting prospective buyers, we make it easy for companies to identify opportunity for great deals—all without any additional effort to adapt our software. No need to call a software developer, either.

Simple export from any CRM

Do you use CRM software with FTP export? We’ll import your listings in less than five minutes.

End-to-end real estate solution

We built our technology so that it works both separately and in a bundle so that you don’t have to worry about integrations between your listings, our live chat, and the valuation add-on.

Works with Zillow…

…and with any other top classifieds website.